Equine Facilitated Learning & Shamanic Journeywork

The Healing Power of Horses

Explore the magic and healing power of horses with Eve B. Lee, an Advanced Instructor in Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL), and a shamanic practitioner. Eve and her horses gently guide seekers to reconnection with their authentic selves through experiential learning and shamanic journeying. Learn to peel away the accumulated layers of life experiences that disconnect you from your spirit and connection to nature. Horses facilitate experiences of authentic empowerment conducive to personal growth and making healthy life changes.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a path of knowledge and a method of seeing with the heart for the purpose of accessing spiritual guidance, healing, and information. Shamanism teaches that everything that exists is alive and has a spirit, and that we are spiritually interconnected with all of life and the earth itself. Through shamanic practice, we can reconnect ourselves with nature and its rhythms and seasons, and restore balance and harmony.

What You Will Learn at Loghaven

At Loghaven with Eve, you will learn by doing as you interact with the horses and the sacred land in a heightened state of awareness that promotes self-esteem and self-confidence, develops trust in a safe setting, strengthens choice-making and goal-setting skills, and encourages personal exploration of feelings and emotions.

Who Benefits From EFL and Shamanic Journeywork?

EFL and shamanic training are effective tools for those seeking a greater sense of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance in their lives. Loghaven workshops, retreats and individual intensives benefit those seeking to make changes and expand his/her human potential.*

12-Step program participants, people seeking career advancement and/or leadership skill development, parents and care-givers are among those who have benefited from EFL and shamanic healing at Loghaven.

*Please note that EFL is not psychotherapy, and is inappropriate for those with active mental health issues in a group setting. Private sessions can be arranged upon the recommendation of a mental health professional.